The Studio

About our mission

Welcome to Soul Space Yoga & Wellness

Soul Space Yoga & Wellness was created to provide yogis — both new and experienced — a space to breathe, explore and connect to self and to the community.
Studio Amenities

Breathe. Explore. Connect.

We keep our studio at 80 degrees

We look to build heat from within using traditional yogic breathing (Ujjayi) rather than external heat. Ujjayi breath offers many incredible benefits beyond just warming the body, so we look to maximize its use during practice.

Offering Classes Through COVID

We continue to offer online classes during the pandemic for consistent access to your yoga practice! Remember to sign up 30 minutes before class to get the ZOOM link

Enjoy Complimentary Refreshments

Water and tea are available at no charge. As part of our COVID precautions, we ask that you do not bring drinking bottles into the Shala

Studio Etiquette

Our goal is to encourage an environment where students can briefly retreat from any unnecessary verbal dialogue, stress, chores and tune in to their internal cues.

Trust the process.

A Message From our Founder

I am thrilled to now welcome you to join us at Soul Space Yoga & Wellness in downtown West Palm Beach.

Where we promote love, respect, acceptance, and contentment while offering the improvement and maintenance of physical and emotional wellness.

I am also excited to now offer virtual yoga classes and teacher training programs for folks in distant locations. Although apart, we’re still connected.

I’ve been given a gift, now I must share and give to the community of West Palm Beach.

Light & Love,

– Marie Mathieson