How you are breathing is how you are living!

Your breath does everything for you, and learning to breathe consciously can truly transform your life. When you learn how to harness its power, it can energize you as much as your morning cup of coffee, and also provide as much calm as an evening glass of wine. All of that and more, without the side effects of an external substance.

Class Descriptions

Transformational Breathwork

As we go through experiences in life, our bodies have an incredible capacity to remember those experiences. This empowers us to develop skills and abilities as we undergo activities, complete tasks etc. That ability to remember also applies to stressful and traumatic experiences that we go through, and our bodies will physically store the trauma from that experience. This is why we can hear something, see something or smell something that can cause us to instantly remember a traumatic experience, even if it occurred decades ago. Our body remembers very well what happened, and even if we choose to forgive someone or to mentally release resentment or anger towards a person or experience, our body does not forgive and it does not forget. It will hold onto that stored trauma until we undergo a physical means to facilitate its release.


Experience The True Transformational Power Of Your Breath

Transformational breathwork provides the necessary force required to facilitate that release. I like to think of this breathwork like plunging your toilet when it gets clogged. When we get all of this muck from our past stuck within us and we just can’t seem to let it go, this breath provides the level of force required to flush those things out.

We utilize an active breathwork technique which hyper-oxygenates the body and allows the perceiving, judging aspect of the mind to deactivate so it can finally release its grip over our traumas so that our body can finally, organically just process them.

We invite you to join us in experiencing the true transformational power of your breath. You are truly your greatest healer! Our sole purpose is to create a safe and secure environment for you to facilitate your own healing and transformation.


Session Details

Breathwork sessions are held in
small or large groups or privately.

How To Book

For more information or to book a session, please email us at, or call us at (561) 373-7084.


Prices are subject to change.

No refunds – credit will be applied to your account.

** 30-day written notice of cancellation for auto-renewal agreement is required.

  • Group session $50
  • Private session $250

    1-4 people

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