Our Story


All events and experiences occur in our lives for a greater purpose. Nothing happens per chance, without reason…no matter how significant or insignificant it may seem.

As I reflect on my past work, studies, friendships and relationships, it is now clear to me how Soul Space Yoga & Wellness came into existence. Although I did not recognize how my  life experiences, my studies, my passion to teach and my career were preparing me for my future life, it was all those things that converged and allowed for the creation of Soul Space- a sacred space for myself and others to grow spiritually, emotionally and physically through Yoga.

In my twenties, I was a high school Spanish teacher for nine years and later became a vice principal of a middle school. During my tenure in public education, I was preparing for this endeavor without even realizing it. I spent hours nurturing, teaching, and encouraging our youth, day in and day out. I worked with professional educators and with each conversation I had with them, I encouraged them to be authentic and to bring out their best for their students. I worked closely with parents, some resistant and some accepting of my ideas and suggestions, to foster a supportive network for their children.

I continuously focused on building strong, healthy relationships with the community, promoted acceptance and sought mutual respect. All the while, I cared for each student as if they were my own child.

As I revisit all of the wonderful times (and the challenging ones), I can see the connection between the events of my earlier path and the development of a space that would embrace many of the same ideals that I brought attention to as a teacher and an administrator: Acceptance of others, love of self, patience, perseverance, detachment from non-essentials and service, to name a few, were woven into my daily life and consistently fortified.

When Yoga found me, I knew it would save me from daily stress and help me to cope with difficult and challenging situations. Yoga had changed my perspective. Yoga is therapeutic, aids in self-care, self-love and promotes healing.  And now we can offer others that same safety, relief and contentment to through our instruction and guidance at Soul Space.

Upon sharing the idea of opening a studio in downtown West Palm Beach with some friends, I was offered an abundance of support! Their confidence in me had encouraged me to create this space for Yoga practice and teacher trainings… Yes, the passion to teach never left me!

The inspiration for the name of our space emerged from my desire to honor and give gratitude to my 200 Hour YTT instructors; Crystal Sullivan, Shelley Nyren and Cheryl Moran (owner), of Soulspace Yoga & Wellness in Plantsville, Connecticut.  While there is no business affiliation with Soulspace Yoga & Wellness in Connecticut, I am compelled to honor these women and that community, as they provided me with great instruction and unconditional love and support.

My gratitude goes to so many but in particular my yoga teachers, my family and all my students, past and present! My deepest gratitude goes to my loving husband, Grant Peckham, and my dear friends who have supported and encouraged me in this endeavor in more ways than they will ever understand!

I am thrilled to now welcome you to join us at Soul Space Yoga & Wellness in downtown West Palm Beach, where we promote love, respect, acceptance, and contentment while offering the improvement and maintenance of physical and emotional wellness.  I am also excited to now offer virtual yoga classes and teacher training programs for folks in distant locations.  Although apart…we’re still connected!

I’ve been given a gift….now I must share and give to the community of West Palm Beach!

Light & Love-

Marie Mathieson

E-RYT 500, Founder of Soul Space Yoga & Wellness

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