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Our guides at Soul Space, will help you to practice balance, breath work, concentration and meditation and make each practice your own.  We look forward to guiding you while encouraging compassion, self-awareness, nonjudgmental perspectives and self-care. 

The cost of your drop-in class can be deducted from the price of any plan when you decide to join us for more!

Class Descriptions


Vinyasa is also referred to as flow yoga, is a style of yoga that connects breath and movement, more specifically linking one movement per breath. This movement can be done at a slow, medium or more rigorous pace. We teach a heat-building Vinyasa practice yet our practice space is non-heated.

Levels of Vinyasa:
  • Our all-levels flow session will be guided in such a way that the practitioners can practice at their own ability level and the teacher will provide modifications for the poses. Beginners are welcome!
  • Our Intermediate session is a fluid practice for practitioners with some experience. These sessions focus on developing proper alignment and breathing techniques, exploring more advanced postures and deepening a practice already underway.
  • Our Power Vinyasa session is designed to build heat and strength while holding postures and utilize stronger transitions throughout the vinyasa flow.

Vinyasa With Assists

In these Vinyasa classes that are open to all levels, we look to offer “above and beyond” support to each practitioner by having an additional guide present to provide alignment-based, hands-on assists and cues. This additional layer of support can really allow a practitioner’s practice to flourish once the body can integrate proper alignment and engagement to allow for the maximum benefits of each posture. We want to honor our students’ space above everything else, so we always ask permission to provide hands-on assists and ensure that we honor each student if they prefer not to have that additional support. If you have a desire to deepen your practice and understand better how a certain posture should feel or what it is trying to integrate, we invite you to join us for these classes to support your practice and make sure you get the most out of every posture.



Yin yoga is a slow paced style where the postures are held for longer periods of time (five minutes or more per pose is common). By holding postures, practitioners can get to the connective tissues of the body, the tendons, fascia and ligaments, in order to increase circulation in the joints and improve joint mobility and flexibility. This class is a more meditative approach to yoga and all levels are welcome.


Ashtanga is a vinyasa asana practice that works within the structure of a set sequence of postures. The sequence is progressive, becoming more complex and challenging as you go. It is intended to challenge the body as well as the mind, drawing the practitioner’s awareness inward.
The Mysore self-practice method of instruction allows the student to move at their own pace, independent of the other students while at the same time receiving personalized one-on-one attention from the instructor. 
Students learn the sequence gradually and practice to their own timing and breath. This is a very transformative and deep way of experiencing yoga. 
If you are new to this method and have questions, feel free to contact us. If you wish, you can audit a Mysore class as an observer one time or schedule a private session with the instructor to get a sense of the practice before joining the group.
We recommend committing to a month of this method to get a true sense of its approach and benefits. We offer a new student intro package of $90 for one month unlimited.


A restorative practice provides the deepest calming, meditative, and restorative benefits out of any other Yoga practice. In restorative classes, we aren’t looking to stretch or increase mobility, but rather are simply providing the proper support for each part of the body, so that the entire system can deactivate and enter a “rest and digest” state. Our guides use an abundance of props to “tuck-in” each practitioner so that the body is completely supported, giving the body permission to completely relax. When the body is supported properly and completely, it sends signals to the nervous system that it is safe and supported and can enter a “rest and digest” state. We also provide therapeutic touch to specific areas of the body which tend to hold the most tension (with the permission of each practitioner, of course).

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, feel too often stressed or anxious, or that you simply cannot calm your system when you want to; our restorative classes are the greatest gift that you can give yourself!!

Classes are led by @yogawithhaas, who has been teaching this practice for 2 decades and is truly an angel on earth.


This 5-week Prenatal Yoga Series is designed to support all moms-to-be, in all stages of their pregnancy. Through specifically designed yoga practices, we address the changes that occur in the female body during pregnancy, and learn targeted mindful, exercises to build strength, endurance, softness, and connection that aid in a more easeful pregnancy and labor.

This class will offer practical tools in breath work, movement, and restorative practices.

We currently do not have any pre-natal classes scheduled. Call or email us to inquire about private sessions! 

(561) 373-7084


We incorporate guided meditations into many of our practices and special events. Please check our events tab for any upcoming events incorporating guided meditations. 

Private Sessions

We offer one-on-one or group (2 or more practitioners) sessions.  These are exceptional sessions for individuals seeking practice in the foundational postures, new to the practice or needing a practice to target a specific area (i.e. hip openers, shoulder flexibility, lumbar region, chair yoga, pre-natal practice, etc.)  We also provide private sessions for small groups celebrating a special event (i.e. bridal/wedding parties, showers, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)  Multiple session discounts are available. 

Private Sessions are excellent for practitioners who are new to the practice or for individuals seeking one-on-one instruction to improve their alignment, learn more advanced postures or are seeking more fluidity in their practice.  Each private session is 60 minutes or 90 minutes and can be scheduled with any of our teachers according to their availability.

Trainings, Workshops & Events

Join us for special
workshops and events


Vinyasa & Yoga Nidra  |  Soul Purpose 200-hour YTT  |  Soul Surrender 300-hour YTT

The Ashtanga Program  |  Introduction to Ashtanga Workshop


Prices are subject to change.

No refunds – credit will be applied to your account.

** 30-day written notice of cancellation for auto-renewal agreement is required.

What to Expect

It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity.

If you are a beginner to the yoga practice please arrive early for your first class so we can get you acquainted with the studio and so you can get settled on your mat to relax before class begins. Bring your yoga mat and a towel. If you do not have a mat, loaner mats are available at the studio free of charge.

All of our instructors are certified and can help offer modifications and or variations for any limitations or injuries you might be experiencing. Let your instructor know what you are working with before class, and they will be sure to offer assistance.

It is recommended that you practice 4 to 6 times per week. Consistency is key. To start, try to attend 2 to 3 classes per week and find a short home practice that you can integrate into your daily routine. Within a few months, you’ll begin to feel stronger, more flexible and more relaxed in stressful situations.

  • Price Package/Unlimited Options
  • Monthly Unlimited (auto-renewal) $120

    ** Auto-renews every month. Can be paused or cancelled anytime.

  • Monthly Unlimited $135

    Expires in 30 days from the date of 1st visit

  • New student special $60

    Full month of unlimited classes

  • 1 class drop-in $25
  • 5 class package $90


  • 10 class package $170


  • 20 class package $320


  • 6-Month unlimited pass $660
  • Annual unlimited pass $1200
  • Price Package Options for Ashtanga
  • Ashtanga-Self Study Session $30

    Prior Ashtanga experience is required

  • Ashtanga-Self Study 4 Sessions $100

    Prior Ashtanga experience is required

  • Ashtanga-Self Study 10 Sessions $200

    Prior Ashtanga experience is required

  • Pricing for Private/Semi-Private Sessions
  • Private session — 60 minutes $125
  • Private sessions (4 Pack) - 60 minutes $450
  • Private sessions (10 Pack) - 60 minutes $1000
  • Group Private Session (2-5 people) $175

    One Session - 60 Minutes

  • Group Private Sessions (2-5 People) $1450

    Ten Sessions - 60 minutes

Benefits of Yoga

Reduce stress
Improve awareness
Become more Present & Mindful
Discover Self-Acceptance
Improve metabolism
Improve Balance, Strength and Flexibility
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