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Our guides at Soul Space, will help you to practice balance, breath work, concentration and meditation and make each practice your own.  We look forward to guiding you while encouraging compassion, self-awareness, nonjudgmental perspectives and self-care. 

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Vinyasa is also referred to as flow yoga, is a style of yoga that connects breath and movement, more specifically linking one movement per breath. This movement can be done at a slow, medium or more rigorous pace. We teach a heat-building Vinyasa practice yet our practice space is non-heated.

Levels of Vinyasa:
  • Our gentle flow session will be guided slowly for practitioners with physical limitations or injuries. The teacher will provide modifications for the poses to keep the body safe. This is also great place to start if you are new to a Vinyasa practice. Beginners are welcome!
  • Our all-levels flow session will be guided in such a way that the practitioners can practice at their own ability level and the teacher will provide modifications for the poses. Beginners are welcome!
  • Our Intermediate session is a fluid practice for practitioners with some experience. These sessions focus on developing proper alignment and breathing techniques, exploring more advanced postures and deepening a practice already underway.
  • Our advanced flow session is a more dynamic practice, linking movement and breath with more intricate sequencing to help build heat, concentration, endurance, strength and flexibility. Advanced asanas, including inversions and arm balances will be offered as well.

Yang-Yin Yoga

Yang-Yin Yoga is a combination of two styles of Yoga.  The class begins with and all-level Vinyasa flow to heat the muscles of the body and synchronize movement and breath and then transitions to the slow paced Yin style where the postures are held for longer periods of time (five minutes or more per pose is common) allowing for practitioners to focus on breath and meditation.  


Yin yoga is a slow paced style where the postures are held for longer periods of time (five minutes or more per pose is common). By holding postures, practitioners can get to the connective tissues of the body, the tendons, fascia and ligaments, in order to increase circulation in the joints and improve joint mobility and flexibility. This class is a more meditative approach to yoga and all levels are welcome.


The Ashtanga (eight-limbed) primary series is the basis for all Vinyasa flow asanas (postures). To explore this original, methodical style of yoga to improve concentration, breathing or to fine-tune your current practice, we offer the following:

  • A weekly, intermediate, 90-minute Ashtanga Infused Vinyasa to help students become acquainted with the traditional Ashtanga method. The vinyasa flow dynamic is infused with Ashtanga informed organization of postures, focus on breath and Bandhas, and in-depth study of technique. 
  • Small Group Private Ashtanga Self-Practice takes place on Sundays from 8-10am.  This is a Mysore method instruction. This class requires pre-approval and pre-registration. It is designed for those students with an established and consistent Ashtanga practice as a means to check in with an instructor for weekly guidance.


Any students new to the Ashtanga method are required to begin with our Ashtanga Introductory Private Lesson, scheduled with Angelique at $125/ hour.

This private lesson will introduce the newer student to the Ashtanga Mysore method. After this introductory lesson, the student is approved to attend Sunday sessions if they would like to continue their practice in Ashtanga.

We periodically offer a led Primary Series and a modified 1/2 Primary Series.


Meditation is incorporated into practices  Special sessions are 15-25 minutes and are guided by one of our instructors. (See the schedule for scheduled meditation sessions).  

Private Sessions

We offer one-on-one or semi-private (2 or more practitioners) sessions.  These are exceptional sessions for individuals seeking practice in the foundational postures, new to the practice or needing a practice to target a specific area (i.e. hip openers, shoulder flexibility, lumbar region, chair yoga, pre-natal practice, etc.)  We also provide private sessions for small groups celebrating a special event (i.e. bridal/wedding parties, showers, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)  Multiple session discounts are available. 

Private Sessions are excellent for practitioners who are new to the practice or for individuals seeking one-on-one instruction to improve their alignment, learn more advanced postures or are seeking more fluidity in their practice.  Each private session is 60 minutes or 90 minutes and can be scheduled with any of our teachers according to their availability.

Trainings, Workshops & Events

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Vinyasa & Yoga Nidra  |  Soul Purpose 200-hour YTT  |  Soul Surrender 300-hour YTT

The Ashtanga Program  |  Introduction to Ashtanga Workshop

What to Expect

It is through your body that you realize you are a spark of divinity.

If you are a beginner to the yoga practice please arrive early for your first class so we can get you acquainted with the studio and so you can get settled on your mat to relax before class begins. Bring your yoga mat and a towel. If you do not have a mat, loaner mats are available at the studio free of charge.

All of our instructors are certified and can help offer modifications and or variations for any limitations or injuries you might be experiencing. Let your instructor know what you are working with before class, and they will be sure to offer assistance.

It is recommended that you practice 4 to 6 times per week. Consistency is key. To start, try to attend 2 to 3 classes per week and find a short home practice that you can integrate into your daily routine. Within a few months, you’ll begin to feel stronger, more flexible and more relaxed in stressful situations.

Benefits of Yoga

Reduce stress
Improve awareness
Become more Present & Mindful
Discover Self-Acceptance
Improve metabolism
Improve Balance, Strength and Flexibility

Memberships & Pricing

Classes are available in-studio and virtually. More class packages and offerings are available. View our full list of packages and memberships.

Give the gift of yoga.


Prices are subject to change.

No refunds – credit will be applied to your account.

** 30-day written notice of cancellation for auto-renewal agreement is required.

  • Monthly unlimited classes (auto-renewal) $120

    ** Agreement for monthly automatic charge to your credit card

  • Monthly unlimited classes $135

    Expires in 30 days from the date of 1st visit

  • New student special $60

    14 days of unlimited classes

  • 1 class drop-in $25
  • 1 week unlimited $55

    Expires in 7 days

  • 5 class package $90

    Expires in 30 days— $18/session

  • 10 class package $170

    Expires in 45 days — $17/session

  • 20 class package $320

    Expires in 60 days — $16/session

  • Ashtanga-Self Study Session $35

    Small group private session Prior Ashtanga experience is required

  • Ashtanga-Self Study 5 sessions $175

    No expiration — $35/session

  • Private session — 60 minutes $125

    1-3 sessions for $125 each | 4 sessions for $450 (Save 10%) | 5 sessions for $532 (Save 15%) | 6 sessions or more for $600 and up (save 20%)

  • Private session — 90 minutes $200

    1-3 sessions for $200 each | 4 sessions for $720 (Save 10%) | 5 sessions for $850 (Save 15%) |

  • Private Group session (2-5 people)— 60 minutes $145

  • Annual unlimited classes $1380
  • Mat rental fee $5

    Sanitized mats are available for rent at $5/practice session

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