Retreat, Restore and Recharge!


West Palm Beach, a vibrant city on the beautiful blue and calm Intercoastal
Waterway—is just a 10 minute walk from our Soul Space Yoga & Wellness studio.
This landmark location is a “walking city”. Locals walk or bike, to and from their jobs or residence, to shop, dine, exercise or to simply take in the environment. Some folks are in fashionable business attire, while others in colorful shorts, tops and sandals.  Tour trams, busses, trollies and Free Ride carts carry visitors while college students stroll about.
Free concerts are performed weekly.
Saturdays bring the WPB Antique & Flea Market and the WPB GreenMarket offering fresh, healthy food for all appetites!
Night life?   West Palm Beach has something for everyone! Diverse, ethnic restaurants line the famous Clematis Street with nightclubs offering music/dancing.

With all that West Palm Beach has to offer, we bring you “SURRENDER in the CITY:  a unique and transforming Yoga experience.

You’ll unwind and explore a refreshing approach to restore your mind, body and soul in our meditation sessions. SURRENDER IN THE CITY will teach you how to balance your demanding professional responsibilities while maintaining a healthy physical and emotional lifestyle.
Who is this for? All who work in fast-paced, stressful environments; Business, Industries, Healthcare, Education, etc.
How will you do this? Daily yoga practice for all abilities. Meditation and breathing practice. And, we’ll introduce you to the 8 Limb Path of Yoga AND the Yamas & the Niyamas with dynamic, interactive seminars. Each Seminar will focus on different ways to apply Yoga into your daily lives!
West Palm Beach, Florida is paradise!   We want to allow guests from any distance to come and experience all this wonderful city has to offer….experience yoga…experience calmness…experience paradise!
A transformational Yoga Experience! 5 Nights & 6 Days:  March 8th-March 13th
Still have questions? Feel free to email us or call 561-281-7055.  Click the Contact Us! button below and we’ll send you the agenda, the events and seminar schedule for the week!