West Palm Beach, Florida is paradise!  This is a beautiful city in close proximity to the waters of the Intercostal and the Atlantic Ocean and boasts great dining venues, activities and entertainment (day and night), free events and many sight-seeing opportunities for nature lovers, art fanatics and wildlife supports.  People residing in West Palm Beach choose a healthy lifestyle which is greatly supported by the vision and initiatives of the city’s leadership.   It is ideal for guests to come and explore and reconnect with their true selves.  Because of this, Soul Space Yoga & Wellness will not travel afar for a retreat but will instead be holding an annual local retreat right here!   We want to allow guests from distal points to come and experience all this city has to offer….experience yoga…experience paradise!

A transformational Yoga Experience! 5 Nights & 6 Days:  March 8th-March 13th

What is it?  An opportunity to gain skills to balance life’s demands, acquire tools for obtaining/sustaining a health lifestyle,

Who is this for?  Corporate Leaders and Managers or anyone with high-intensity career roles, seeking relief from daily stress.

Why attend?  Receive tactics and tools for coping with adversity, challenging collegial relationships and clients relationships and put your life into balance between work and recreational/family activities.  Also, integrate a consistent yoga practice help change and adjust priorities and perspectives.

How can this be done?  Daily yoga practice (varying styles) for all abilities, meditation practice, breathing practice, study of the 8 Limb Path of Yoga, daily seminars with exercises to incorporate into managerial roles, align and improve authenticity, innovation, creativity and communication, technology purging techniques and more!

If you are ready to enjoy all of this in West Palm Beach, Florida, and return home with improved wellness and tools to sustain this new path, contact us!