About Sheryne Glicksman

Sheryne Glicksman has been in the corporate IT technology channel for the past 27 years with a career spanning from top producing sales professional, sales leadership, training and professional services roles. Today she runs the National Leadership Development and Training program for Sharp Business Systems, the direct sales engine for Sharp Electronics in the United States.

Her passions for connecting and educating transcend from her professional world into her personal space. As a servant leader, her mantra is “all voices matter” using her voice as a platform to help educate, empower and inspire our future leaders at work and within the community.

She has incorporated her yoga journey practice into driving her grass roots initiative through Inside the SOULution by offering donation based yoga and mindful practices to youths in our underserved communities in her spare time.

Her philosophy is centered around the fact that Yoga practice incorporates focus, concentration and balance into our hectic lives and offers the tools that can be taken from the yoga mat into the corporate boardroom, and into to the mindset of our current and future leaders.

Sheryne holds corporate certifications for strategic selling and document management consulting. Over the past three years, she has gained her Trauma Outreach Certification through Connection Coalition formerly Yoga Gangsters along with her YIn Yoga and 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training under the tutelage of Marie Mathieson at Soul Space Yoga & Wellness.

Sheryne will be hosting and facilitating a unique approach to leadership training during the seminars of our transformational yoga retreat.