Keichell Llerena

Keichell’s journey towards healing and spiritual growth led her to enroll in the Soul
Purpose 200 YTT program in 2020 where she was guided by Marie-ji, the founder of
Soul Space Yoga & Wellness.

As a result of her training, she felt she had finally arrived “home” and found the missing
link to her spiritual, physical & energetic well-being.

She immersed herself in the studies of the ancient tradition, focusing on Patanjali’s
Yoga Sutra, deepened her personal practice and gained a profound love for meditation
and a new sense of purpose. She knew she wanted to encourage and empower others
towards a joyful spirit, inner peace and a sense of wholeness through movement,
mindfulness and breath, as she had discovered.

Keichell guides practitioners through a well-rounded class where surrender, breath work
and inner exploration are key components, as well as building physical strength, all
while remaining playful and light.

She is honored to be guiding others in their own quests as she continues to expand her
own learning and practice.

“No matter how strongly the caterpillar in you clings to the leaf, remember it is within you
to be a butterfly”.

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